Stefano Lena

responsible for business development and commercial strategy at ContactLab



Stefano has 20 years of experiences in sales and business development in the field of Software Enterprise, combined with a deep knowledge of luxury markets, distribution and consumer goods. Having worked in leading multinational companies, in 2013 Stefano joined ContactLab as the person responsible for business development, strengthening of the commercial strategy and the company’s international consolidation.

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Dai Social

  • @LenaTXT
    This tweet will be close soon. if you want to continue to follow my personal tweet @Lenoide (L'enoide a sort of personal Aeneid)
  • @LenaTXT
    TXTCustomerDay in Paris has been extremely successful, delivering great contents and mutual exchanges w. our 50+ French customers community
  • @LenaTXT
    TXTCustomerDay Italy very successful sharing experiences with & b'wn customers. The key msg: COLLABORATION to improve biz performances!
  • @LenaTXT
    @AlexRumble by mistake cos of automatic link... But it good to know we also have fun ;)
  • @LenaTXT
    Txt sales conference going great
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