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Laut den letzten Daten des Observatory NetComm Suisse und der mit ContactLab durchgeführten Studie Swiss E-Commerce Consumer Behaviour ist die Schweiz in Bezug auf E-Commerce ein immer dynamischeres Land.

Simona Miele für NetComm Suisse

Das Fashion Digital Lab mit Sitz in Lugano hat zum Ziel, die führenden Sektoren der Schweiz weiterzuentwickeln: Mode, Innovation und digitale Technologien.

Simona Miele für Fashion Digital Lab Pressebüro

Secondo gli ultimi dati dell’Observatory NetComm Suisse e della Ricerca Swiss e-Commerce Consumer Behaviour realizzata con ContactLab la Svizzera è un territorio sempre più dinamico sul fronte e-Commerce.

Simona Miele per NetComm Suisse

According to the latest data from the NetComm Suisse Observatory and the Swiss e-Commerce Consumer Behaviour report conducted in collaboration with ContactLab, Switzerland is an increasingly dynamic country in terms of e-Commerce.

Simona Miele for NetComm Suisse

The Fashion Digital Lab, will be located in Lugano, Aimed at developing what Switzerland does best: fashion, innovation and digital technologies. A hotbed of dozens of the world’s greatest fashion brands and powerful innovation spilling out from Zurich and fostered by NetComm Suisse, Fondazione Agire and a host of others such as Accenture Interactive, PostFinance SA, Swiss Post, Keros Digital, intarget, ECRM GROUP

Fashion Digital Lab Press Office - iPress Suisse - Simona Miele

   e-Commerce meets Fashion in the "Ticino Fashion Valley" 2016

   E-commerce meets fashion in the "Ticino Fashion Valley" 2016

The main category of goods bought online by Swiss shoppers in 2015 is "clothing and fashion items": 52% of Swiss online shoppers made at least one fashion e-commerce purchase during the last year, spending on average 535 CHF, according to the Observatory NetComm Suisse. This trend is even more relevant in many European countries, where the penetration of fashion purchases online (according to the Swiss e-Commerce Consumer Behaviour research) is: 46% in Italy, 66% in France, 67% in Spain, 78% in Germany, 79% in UK.


09:00 / 09:30


09:30 / 09:45

Welcome speeches

Alessandro Marrarosa, President @ NetComm Suisse Association

Stefano Rizzi, Director of the Economics Division of the Department of Finance and Economics of Canton Ticino

09:45 / 10:15

The consumer-centric transformation in Fashion and Luxury

Stefania Saviolo, Professor @ Bocconi University

10:15 / 11:15

The future of (e)Commerce for fashion

Carlo Terreni, General Director @ NetComm Suisse Association

Donatella Paschina, Chief Information Officer @ Ermenegildo Zegna Group

Anton Magnani, CEO @ LARIO 1898 SpA

Michele Raballo, Managing Director / Accenture

Samy Liechti, President @ Black Socks SA

Tilman Galler, Head of e-Commerce and Member of the Board of Directors @ Triumph Global Sales

11:15 / 11:45

Coffee break

11:45 / 12:45

How to exploit the full potential of multichannel CRM and big data to orchestrate a unique customer experience

Marc Sondermann, Editor-in-Chief and CEO @ Fashion Magazine

Carlo Torrani, CDO @ Missoni S.p.A.

Federico Gasparotto, e-Commerce Strategy Lead / Accenture

Enrico Roselli, CEO @ La Martina Europe

Enrico Fantaguzzi, e-Commerce Manager @ Twin-Set Simona Barbieri

12:45 / 14:30

Networking lunch

14:30 / 15:30

Innovative logistic solutions for e-Commerce and benefits of operating fulfillments from Canton Ticino (Sala Teatro - First Floor)

Riccardo Mangiaracina, Director of B2C e-Commerce Observatory @ Politecnico di Milano

Daniele Fregnan, Global Logistics V.P. @ Benetton Group

Marcello De Melgazzi, European Logistics Director @ Guess? Europe Sagl

Stefano Pistilli, President @ Hub & Logistics SA

Giacomo Sabino, Former Global Director of Logistics & Distribution @ LLX Global Business Services in JAB Luxury (BALLY, JIMMY CHOO, BELSTAFF)

14:30 / 15:30

How to improve your conversion rate through a unique content strategy (Sala 1 - Third Floor)

Dino Auciello, Deputy Chief Editor @ Bilan

Simone Panfilo, CEO/Cofounder @ LOVEThESIGN

Gaia Franceschini, Global e-Commerce Manager @ Moleskine

Simone Maggi, CEO @

15:30 / 15:40


15:40 / 16:40

The unique Russian and Indian e-Commerce opportunities (Sala Teatro - First Floor)

Nadzeya Kalbaska, Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer @ Università della Svizzera italiana

Martin Schierer, CEO @ Otto Group Russia

Ksenia Ryasova, President @ Finn Flare

Massimo Fubini, Founder & CEO / ContactLab

Antony Panakal, Business Development Manager @ Chocolat Stella SA

15:40 / 16:40

How to manage the e-Commerce shift from a strategic and HR perspective (Sala 1 - Third Floor)

Silvia Invrea, Director, Career and Alumni @ USI Università della Svizzera italiana

Francesco Bottigliero, CDO @ Brunello Cucinelli

Andreea Gavriliuc, EMEA Talent Acquisition Manager @ VF Corporation

Marco Di Dio Roccazzella, Partner - Managing Director, Fashion & Luxury Practice / VALUE LAB

Anna Zanardi Cappon, PhD, Board Advisor

16:40 / 16:50

Coffee break

16:50 / 17:40

From social catwalks to interactive points of sale: how to create a unique customer journey?

Emanuele Carpanzano, Director of the Department of Innovative Technologies @ SUPSI

Umberto Tesoro, Digital Marketing Manager @ Philipp Plein

Enno Jönsson, Sales Manager EMEA @ Facebook

Fabrizio Viacava, HOGAN Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Coordinator @ Tod's SpA

Grazia Grassi, Commercial Director, TNS Italy / TNS

Monica Gagliardi, e-Commerce, CRM, Web & Digital Marketing Director @ OVS

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